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With almost two decades of experience in commercial and construction site security, we have built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and service.  By popular demand, we are now delighted to be bringing those same core values and security expertise to homes across Kent.


What our customers say

JB Holloway - Canterbury
JB Holloway - Canterbury
January 23, 2022

It was refreshing talking to a local firm that clearly knew their business and were able to offer impartial advice and guidance.  We'd previously had a well known national firm here to give us a quote and it was clear all they were interested in was bumping up the price!

Mrs S Johnson - Sittingbourne
Mrs S Johnson - Sittingbourne
January 3, 2022

We asked Cactus to come and perform a security audit for us after a close neighbour was, unfortunately, burgled recently.  Lawrence was both friendly and professional, clearly explaining the options to us.  We accepted their quote and were delighted to say, the team installed the whole system neatly and unobtrusively throughout the house.  We feel much safer now.

John Makepeace - Canterbury
John Makepeace - Canterbury
November 2, 2021

Thank you, Lawrence and the Cactus team for your first class service.  My wife and I feel so much more secure now and we love the ability to check in on our dog while we're out - an unexpected bonus!

Who we are and what we do

At Cactus Home Security we offer a free, no-obligation, security survey and are able to supply and fit domestic alarm systems and deterrents including CCTV, remote monitoring and security lighting.

Cactus Home Security is a local firm that prides itself on its integrity, customer service and value for money.

You won’t find any hard-sell tactics or pressure selling here. We’ll listen to what it is you’re looking for, clearly explore your options with you in plain English and then make suggestions based on our knowledge of the most effective methods of securing your home and property.  We will then quote you a competitive price and, being local, we won’t be far away if you have a problem or need to update or change your security measures.

Cactus HOME Security Team 2022

Home Alarm Systems - Deterrent?

The main purpose of any alarm system has to be the deterrent factor.  It’s well known that potential intruders will always take the path of least risk so will always choose a property without any apparent security over those that have so bell boxes/sirens, window stickers etc. play a key part but, if a would-be intruder has chosen your property for whatever reason, the next priority is making ingress as hard and as noisy as possible and this is where motion-detecting CCTV, window and door sensors and even sound detection (to detect breaking glass) are vital parts of the overall solution.

Home CCTV - Why Quality Matters

CCTV is both a deterrent and a potential source of vital evidence should the worst happen.  On a deterrent level, while any CCTV camera can serve to make a casual thief think twice, professional burglars are well versed with cameras, camera types and their positioning and will have evaluated the risks before targeting your property.

Should the worse happen and a burglar makes an ingress into your property or onto your land, the police are much more likely to investigate and follow-up if good quality video footage is available and, by good quality, we mean the ability to recognise faces at range and the ability to capture vehicle registration plates, even in total darkness.  At Cactus Home Security, we offer an extensive range of upgrades and options including; full colour, night vision, high definition 4k and more.


Drag the boundary between these two examples of CCTV images.  Particularly note the “Give Way” sign just left of centre and how it becomes legible at the higher resolution and is virtually unreadable at lower resolutions.  Similarly, the definition of the herringbone paving. This could make the difference between a number plate being read or a face identified beyond dispute.

lowres1 fullres1

Alarm Systems for Every Budget

A budget price will never mean a budget system, that’s our promise to you.  We will survey, plan and install the ideal system for you.

Whether it be a simple home intruder alarm or a full perimeter solution with CCTV, we only use Grade 2, insurance approved equipment that conforms with SSAIB standards.

Remote monitoring & alerts

There are multiple options available as to how your system is monitored including Apps, notifications as standard plus, the options of remote monitoring by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for notifications to homeowners or security patrol companies.  Talk to us about the options which will best suit your needs and budget.

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